Avichay Adraee – IDF spokesman for Arab media - أفيخاي أدرعي

Avichay Adraee (افيخاي ادرعي) is the IDF spokesperson for the Arab media (المتحدث بلسان جيش الدفاع الاسرائيلي للاعلام العربي). As a result of his position, he receives extensive exposure in the Arab media and is known throughout the Arab world.

Adraee was born in 1982 in Haifa. His maternal grandparents go back to the Iraqi Jews in the city of Basra, He studied at the Hebrew Reali School in Haifa. When he enlisted in the IDF, he served in Unit 8200 in the Intelligence Corps. When he reached the rank of Staff Sergeant at the age of 22, he was offered his current position - the head of the Arab media department in the IDF Spokesperson's Office. Adraee was then sent to an Officer's Training School and was promoted to the rank of Major. In November 2018 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

He has been in his current position since 2005, and since then has been interviewed hundreds of times on various Arab television channels, such as Al Jazeera, Al-Hadath, CNN Arabic, Alhurra, makan, Adraee is considered a familiar figure in the Arab world, and in addition to his activity on Arab television, he runs accounts on social media, Avichay Adraee Twitter, Avichay Adraee Facebook, Avichay Adraee YouTube, Avichay Adraee Instagram, Avichay Adraee Telegram.

Avichay Adraee | اقرأ الموضوع باللفة العربية

Avichay Adraee His upbringing, origin and place of birth

 Avichay Adraee (بالعربية: افيخاي ادرعي)  ( IDF spokesperson for the Arab media ) (بالعربية: المتحدث بلسان جيش الدفاع )   was born in Haifa in northern Israel in 1982 to parents who were born in Israel. His roots from his mother’s side go back to the Iraqi Jews in the city of Basra, where his maternal grandparents were born and lived in this Iraqi city and worked as an angel in the oil industry, where they had a vital and central role and had a good relationship Very much with the Arab Muslim community in this city.

And when the Baath Party came to power, especially in the days of Saddam Hussein as vice president and president, which caused the immigration of Iraqi Jews to Israel because of what they had been subjected to.

Avichay Adraee ( IDF spokesperson for Arab media) talks about the relations between Iraqi Jews who reside in Israel and their Iraqi neighbors, expressing that they are close to this day and that there is communication between Israeli citizens of Iraqi origin and Iraqi citizens in Iraq through Facebook pages and social media.

Mr. Avichay Adraee talks about his wife, who traces her origins to Morocco and says that her Moroccan grandmother talks to them about her life in Morocco and her relationship with her Moroccan neighbors and about the good and good of these relations. It is not surprising that you see the overwhelming joy that spread in Israeli society with the announcement of the signing of the Moroccan-Israeli Peace Agreement, especially for those Israeli citizens who have Moroccan roots and origins. Avichay Adraee, his academic life, his love for the Arabic language, and his enrollment in military service

Mr. Avichay Adraee says that his knowledge and love of the Arabic language, civilization, culture and Arab and Islamic history has family roots that affected him since his childhood days.

He also adds that through his studies in middle school and high school, he learned the Arabic language, as he had the attention of his teachers and teachers who worked to refine his talent and develop his abilities in mastering the Arabic language, which has always been a dear to him and close to his heart.

He says: In Israel, standard Arabic is taught, and at an advanced stage of high school, some teaching curricula are combined for a period of about one year to study colloquial Arabic, especially the Palestinian dialect.

Avichay Adraee (بالعربية: افيخاي ادرعي) ( IDF spokesperson for the Arab media ) (بالعربية: المتحدث بلسان جيش الدفاع ) confirms an important point regarding his study and learning of the Arabic language, which is a rumor that the Arabic language in Israel is taught from a door and perspective. Know your enemy, as he denies this rumor, stressing that this is incorrect, especially since he was educated in an ancient and well-known school with a history rich in definition. And a well-known history, which is the Hebrew “Harali” school in Haifa, where the Arabic language is taught from the knowledge of your friend and to build a future of peace for the Israeli people with their Arab neighbors. From Mr. Adraee’s point of view, learning the language of Arab neighbors increases knowledge and understanding, which generates familiarity, love and friendship among the people of a state. Israel and its Arabic-speaking neighbors.

Avichay Adraee Compulsory military service

In the year 2001, he joined the Military Intelligence Service as a conscript within the scope of compulsory military service in the IDF. Avichay Adraee | His career

When Mr. Avichay Adraee completed his compulsory military service, he decided to continue his military career, where he joined the Military Academy to graduate as an officer in the IDF.

He began his career at the age of 23, and he spent more than 15 years serving his country and serving the IDF in his current position, which he considered his dream since childhood.

Mr. Adraei served in the IDF for many years and became the military spokesman for the IDF since he held the rank of captain in the IDF, and Mr. Avichay Adraee is still in the position of military spokesman with the rank of lieutenant colonel, regardless of his military rank, he is still in the same job that he serves It includes his state, his army, and his people, albeit with different military positions and ranks. His relationships, activities, and messages via social media

Mr. Avichay (بالعربية: افيخاي ادرعي)  says that he has excellent relations with citizens of different Arab countries, such as Iraq, Morocco and other Arab countries. And he talks about excellent relations as well, especially from the Arab Gulf states. There is a door to dialogue and the real winds of peace that swept the region.

Mr. Avichay talks about communication and dialogue with many peoples, even if their government does not establish normal relations with the State of Israel, or even those that are hostile to the State of Israel. He considers it a wonderful opportunity and must be used in all possible ways, through social media, to open more dialogue and convergence.

Religious style and quotation from Islamic law

Avichay Adraee (بالعربية: افيخاي ادرعي) ( IDF spokesperson for the Arab media ) (بالعربية: المتحدث بلسان جيش الدفاع ) With regard to his messages to the Arab peoples, his use of Quranic verses and hadiths, the use of religious style, the quotation of Islamic law, and the citation of well-known and well-known Islamic references, as these messages are directed in order to convey a message of peace and love on one side, and on the other hand it is a message directed to the enemies of Israel to show their error And their contradiction and that their actions have nothing to do with religion and that their activities violate Islamic law, because these enemies use religion to convince others of the sincerity of their intentions or the truthfulness of what they claim, and when we have the opportunity to confront them with the truth to ward off their danger and spare their people from falling into the trap of their misleading and extremist views. And his book, the Noble Qur’an and his prophetic hadiths, because their vision is misleading, we are facing a segment of society with valid legal sources, and we do not quote other than what is written in it, and we do not quote except the confirmed Sharia facts, and we study and consult about the validity of these religious quotes with the people of knowledge about them.

For this reason, these religious quotes receive great attention and real dialogue. Our quotes reveal their visions and reveal their truth, and many extremists are afraid of the true interpretation of these religious facts that we list in our tweets and posts on social media.

Also Mr. Avichay talks about his use of Quranic verses in his publications that it is a matter of respect for the Islamic religion and not a matter of provocation, explaining that he only shows the truth and tries to convince others of it because it is derived from their religion.

And their book and the words of their Prophet is a matter of establishing evidence for their false, misleading and false claims. Avichay Adraee (بالعربية: افيخاي ادرعي) ( IDF spokesperson for the Arab media ) (بالعربية: المتحدث بلسان جيش الدفاع ) talks about the Israeli army, why it is called the Defense Forces, and why it is mandatory for males and females to recruit

Mr. Avichay says that the IDF is the greatest example of the people’s army. The Israeli army is an army of defense and not an offensive army. There has not been a single Israeli war that Israel has not been compelled to fight. Since 1948 and since the War of Independence that was imposed on Israel, Israel has accepted all international decisions, however it was imposed on it. The war of the Arab armies and Israel won. All the wars that Israel fought after the War of Independence were forced upon Israel, as they were wars that were imposed on it, and even in the Six Day War or the 1967 war, it was imposed on it too, because its enemies were planning to attack it, and Israel took the initiative to defend itself. As a matter of fact, Israel has no justification for waging any war against its neighbors, nor does it have any ambitions for that

Avichay Adraee (بالعربية: افيخاي ادرعي) ( IDF spokesperson for the Arab media ) (بالعربية: المتحدث بلسان جيش الدفاع ) also adds that Israel’s main goal is to expel the specter of war, but if war is imposed on it, they will defend their borders, their security, their people and their citizens. Therefore, the Israeli army is a defense army, but at the same time, this army will not remain idle in the event of an attack on the State of Israel. Or threatening its security or the security of its citizens, so the army will attack the aggressor in defense of the security of Israel. In this case, the attack is a means of war in order to deter the enemies and to ward off the specter of war. The excuse of terrorists attacking Israeli civilians

Mr. Avichay speaks about Israel’s enemies attacking Israeli civilians under the pretext that all citizens of Israel are the people’s army, explaining that these acts are terrorist acts. The missiles target civilians who are not in direct military confrontations with them. They are fired at innocent people inside their homes, places of work or other places, and this is terrorism. In every sense of the word.

Mr. Avichay (بالعربية: افيخاي ادرعي) continues his speech by denying and refuting the statement that Israel is a military state under the pretext of serving all the people in the army, explaining that this service is for a specific period not exceeding three years after which the conscript returns to his normal life and work, as he contributes to the service of his country through development and scientific research and contributes to the progress of the state Scientifically, medically, technologically, and in every field in which it works, Israel is a civilized, developed and advanced country, and it is not impatient and everyone sees and realizes this fact. If Israel were just a military state, we would not have seen Israel on this state of progress and advancement, for it is a country built with the minds of its children. Compulsory recruitment in the IDF

Mr. Adraee (بالعربية: افيخاي ادرعي) says: Each of us is in this small country surrounded by some hostile countries, and although there are, praise be to God, peace agreements are increasing and expanding in the region, there are enemies who are still lying in wait for the security of Israel on different fronts, and the State of Israel must remain prepared.

And he adds: Look at Israel, look at its achievements, its economy, its development, its science and its culture, with its small size, it has made great and great achievements for the world and humanity.

Mr. Avichay talks about compulsory conscription, explaining that every individual in Israel serves his homeland and his country. Every individual protects his home and his people, and everyone in the State of Israel has a role and duty. The Israeli army combines all groups and segments and there are several roles in which the individual serves his army and country apart from the main combat role, explaining that Compulsory service does not apply to everyone and that some segments serve their country voluntarily and voluntarily, explaining, for example, the increase in the number of Muslims involved in military service in the Israeli Defense Forces, knowing that the service is not obligatory for them, because they believe in their full citizenship, as they express their loyalty to the state in which It gave them a lot while they returned the favor, for they also believe in their duty to protect this homeland and it is a homeland for all, and they are an umbrella to protect their homeland, their security and their people. When the security of Israel is exposed to danger, this danger will not differentiate between a village, a city, or a Muslim or Jewish community. In this country, they are partners in protecting it and defending its security. Where does the IDF get its strength – Avichay Adraee

Mr. Avichay Adraee says that the strength of the Israeli army is based first on the Israeli mind and the human element in Israel, and this also comes from the ability of Israel and its development in various fields, as the army includes in its ranks the best of young people and minds. A pioneer in the intelligence and technological field, and all this gives it and gives its army the characteristic of strength and superiority. Israel is considered a model for many countries and even the most advanced in the world to learn from it and benefit from its expertise and the scientific experiences of its children. The State of Israel and exchanging experiences with it.

Avichay Adraee Normalization with the Arab countries and its effect on the strategy of the IDF

Avichay Adraee (بالعربية: افيخاي ادرعي) ( IDF spokesperson for the Arab media ) (بالعربية: المتحدث بلسان جيش الدفاع ) speaks that the peace and normalization agreements signed with some Arab countries recently, which ended the state of flock and hostility, if any, and of course, many fruits will be reaped from these agreements, but these are not the real or central enemies of Israel. And Hezbollah in Lebanon, on top of them, of course, is the source of global threat and terrorism, Iran, which is considered the source of instability in the world and the source of regional instability. Looking at the Arab capitals that Iran occupied in the past years, we see nothing but devastation and destruction from Yemen to Iraq to Syria to Lebanon. These are countries that it occupied. Iran militarily trying to build military bases for it on or near the borders of Israel.

Avichay affirms that this is a threat to Israel and its security, and that Israel will not accept it, and that is why the Israeli army is working openly and clearly against this Iranian positioning, especially in Syria, in Israel.

In no way will it accept that Iran is present on its borders or that it poses any threat to the state of Israel or uses these lands as a threat to the security of Israel. The true enemy of the Arabs and Israel

Mr. Adraey  (المتحدث بلسان جيش الدفاع بالعربية: افيخاي ادرعي)  speaks that Israel is not the enemy to the Arabs, and that Israel has always extended its hand to peace, as it seeks to extend bridges of love, cooperation and friendship with its Arab neighbors. The greatest threat to Arab countries does not come from Israel but rather from Iran, after the coup in Iran and after the rise of the mullahs regime to power there We see that Iran is wreaking corruption, destruction and devastation in the Arab countries. Iran has killed, exterminated and displaced millions of Arabs,

And Mr. Avichay Adraee the IDF spokesperson for the Arab media added that Iran’s argument for its presence on Syrian soil is to fight ISIS is a false argument, and Israel realizes that Iran is working with a programmed, organized, methodical and thoughtful plan to extend its influence in the Middle East, and when we unite and exchange experiences, we will find that there is a great common denominator between us.